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After completing MBBS from Sri Devaraj URS college, I completed my fellowship from Dr. Mohan’s Speciality Centre and finished my post graduation from University of Boston. I also hold a certificate from the public health foundation of India for evidence based diabetes management.

I incepted Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care by taking a bank loan, and covered my loan repayments and monthly running costs from the monthly salary i received from my full time job at a hospital. Becoming a diabetologist at a young age of 28 proved to be a challenge more than a boon, as I had to take that extra effort and care to prove my mettle.

With focus on more than 10 types of diabetes we believe that without the right diagnosis there can never be a right treatment. We help people with diagnosis of diabetes like LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of the Adult), FCPD (Fibrocalculous Pancreatic Diabetes), GDM (Gestational Diabetes) and make sure they get treated timely. A treatment protocol called ‘FIT CARE’ has been developed at our facility that enables diabetic individuals to achieve assured sugar control within 2 weeks. There are misunderstandings about about Insulin treatment initiation among our society, 50-75% of individuals refuse the treatment out of fear. We have also developed a signature concept DR. SHIVAA’S DIABETES CARE MODEL that uses a BUS STOP as an example to educate even the illiterates about diabetes, insulin and blood sugar monitoring and through this model the fear of insulin initiation is allayed and we have achieved 100% success in treatment initiation.

At Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care we focus not only on consultation, but also helping in diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy and diabetic nephropathy. We also provide a range of diabetic foot wear to prevent and support patients struggling with diabetic foot.

We employ updated technologies and methods to continually improve our treatment processes like digital stethescope and ambulatory blood pressure monitor for our home care services as well as flash glucose monitoring device that uses a sensor to record blood sugar for 14 days.

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